Shelter From The Shame

Story Behind The Song

J.D. has made a commitment to bring this subject to the public through the special power of music because music reaches the heart and soul. Music sparks emotion and will carry a message, even one that seldom people want to discuss. For this reason, the C

Song Length 4:07 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Outraged
Subject Violence, Pain Language English
Era 2000 and later


A mother prays in silence
In the darkness on her knees
Deliver me evil Lord
Help me make them see
Send me down an angel
To hold me by her side
And save my tired body
From the secret that I hide

When I speak, they don?t listen
When I scream, they don?t know my pain
Not their problem, not their business
I need love and shelter from the shame

The morning headline story
Said another died in vain
The broken bones and bruises
Are always easy to explain
No one ever questions
How could they be so blind
Though she dare not tell them
The truth is in her eyes

When she speaks, they don?t listen
When she screams, they don?t know her pain
Not their problem, not their business
She needs love and shelter from the shame

She?s trying to run, to a place that is safe
But she doesn?t know how she can escape

Last night I prayed in silence
In the darkness on my knees
How can we stop this evil Lord
How can we set them free
I?m only just one person
And I don?t know where to start
Then I heard a whisper speak softly to my heart

When they speak, you will listen
When they scream, you will know their pain
They?re your mothers, they?re your sisters
Give them love and shelter from the shame

Lyrics J.D. Danner Music J.D. Danner
Producer Keith Ridenour and Dennis Blischak Performance The J.D. Danner Band
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