Thank You Lord

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rock - Religious
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I've searched for many answers to the questions in my mind
I've tried what seems a thousand times before
To figure out the mysteries of this crazy life
Every reason how and why and for
But lately everywhere I turn the signs all point to you
And I'm clinging to the promise, Lord, of what I've found in you

Now my search is over I have found what I've been waiting for
Suddenly I've figured out what this life's worth living for
I am overcome by joy never known before
And all that I can say is thank you Lord

Verse 2:
I've wandered through this wilderness I call my own way
Knowing I can make it on my own
Bulding my defenses up on grounds that wash away
Trying hard to guard this heart of stone
But every castle I have built will fall without you there
'Cause there is no foundation, Lord, that that ever could compare

Lyrics Jason Black Music Jason Black
Performance Jason Black
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