Beltane Night

Song Description

Beltane is the ancient celebration marking the beginning of summer, on May 1st. Country folk often lit bonfires in their fields and stayed up all night dancing and singing to the newly reawakened earth. This song describes such a celebration on "beltane n

Song Length 5:30 Genre World - Celtic, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Subject Time, Earth


Moon rise and star fall
Fire burn and night wind call
Drum beat the wild song
That heart sings at summer?s dawn

Sown are the new fields
With bright seed of harvest?s yield
Far down the roots bind
The heart?s joy to summer?s time

Leave the fire and come with me
We?ll lie beneath the flowering tree
And feel the breathing of the earth
Rise and fall
The green time sings its song again
To wake the hill, to wake the glen
And raise in every living thing
An answering call

Leap o?er the May fire
Hold close your sweet desire
For life?s wheel will grant soon
The heart?s wish for summer?s bloom

Green shoot and pale flower
Garland the Beltane bower
Circle with joined hands
For heart shines with summer?s dance

Leave the fire and come with me
To walk beside the dreaming sea
And watch the fading of the stars
As the new day dawns
We?ll try to catch time in our hands
To hold the wave against the sand
And watch this glow upon the land
That soon will be gone

So drum beat and flute sound
Once more we?ll circle ?round
For the world turns and the wheel spins
And all ends that once begins

This green hour, the heart knows,
Is brief as the budding rose
Though wheel turn and bloom fade
The heart sings the birth of May

Lyrics Lael Whitehead Music Lael Whitehead
Producer Jaiya Publisher Lael Whitehead, Miranda Brown
Performance Lael Whitehead - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, whistle, hand drums, Miranda Brown - vocals, celtic harp, hand drum, percussion, Kim Darwin - accordion, Label Inside Out Productions

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