Spiral Dance

Song Description

The overarching metaphor of this song is the May Pole dance. This is an ancient rite of spring, in which dancers twine brightly coloured ribbons around a tall flower-bedecked pole buried in the earth. The pole represents the fertility of the earth, which

Song Length 6:08 Genre World - European, New Age - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Content
Subject Life, Spirituality


Spiraling in time
Interwoven lines of entropy
Beyond reason or rhyme
Myriad fine patterns come to be

Now we?re weaving into form
Then out of form we flow
Magnetized toward a central point
Where all must go


Merry meet and merry part
And shall we meet again?
Spiraling in circle art
We spin this wild refrain


In your hand red silken threads
But in my hand they?re blue
For a time they intertwine
?Til the dance begins anew


Into time and out of time
In this reality
We are known to be unknown
We dance this mystery

Lyrics Miranda Brown Music Miranda Brown
Producer Jaiya Publisher Miranda Brown
Performance Miranda Brown: lead vocals, harp, percussion, Kim Darwin: accordion, Lael Whitehead: backup vocals, hand drums, percussion Label Inside Out Productions
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