Pyrrhic Victory (revised instr)

Song Description

This beautiful yet bold/warlike theme music is in the Tchiakovsky style, has a bit of every mood, and is PERFECT for a big cinematic/symphonic film need that is not too long, documentary, film trailer, and is BIG, yet bold and serene...I consider this as

Song Length 5:30 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Troubled, Diplomatic Subject Judgement, Courage
Similar Artists Tchaikovsky, John Williams Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Really nice piece. I enjoyed listening to the variations throughout.

I liked the timing in this tune, not too fast. I also liked the way the instrumentation built up and developed into a richer sound. There is quite a lot of drama in the tune and the feeling changed as the song progressed from a more marching sound to something a lot more dramatic.I liked the melody and it would sound very good in a film perhaps about an advancing army or something similar.

The sounds used to make this are fantastic

Great use of pizzicato and percussion makes this song stand out and really engages me into the music. This is truly a great listening experience and reminds me of some sort of heroic fanfare. You use a wide range of instruments, and as a result the music has a nice and full arrangement. The composition is well written as well -- with enough going on to keep me interested. Excellent work on this piece!

Always a pleasure to listen to classical especially contemporary.

Excellent soundtrack material. Great composition and string arrangement. Marching snare drum provides an interesting flavor about a minute leading to a glorious horn arrangement.

Wow! One get's the feeling of a procession of the King's Army, sort of like in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, Out to go to a battle, a struggle to survive. Wonderful.

WOW!!!!! This song grabbed my attention from the beginning!!!! Very epic!!! This has to be selected somewhere!!! As good as I have heard!!

Very pleased to get a full length classical piece by random. The piece has a brilliant structure and creativity and would hold it's own as big film title music. I'm fairly sure I recognise the composer. So if you are Ken, I just won myself 50p :-)
Either way thank you for sharing this excellent composition.

Musically it held my interest. Some great melodies and harmonies combined with chromatic lines.

Sounds pro, could work in some movie!

Love the orchestration. Strong melody.. Keep up the great work. Wonderful song for film..

Nice melodies and development.

Some nice orchestral sounds and develops into a strong crescendo.

Truly a beautiful and majestic song. Can see it in a film... Keep up the nice work.

Great stuff! I like your use of the strings overall! Great potential!

Impressive soundtrack piece. Good developments on the melody with some nice harmonising underneath. Authentic sounding pizzicato basses and violins. Good strong sounding brass parts. Orchestral percussion and drums are used in the right places and used effectively. Good recording, with instruments well placed in the stereo field.

Very compelling song all the way through. Each element has its own voice and this song is incredibly well thought out and produced. The visual for this song was a military battle during the Revolutionary War.

Like the pizzicato accompaniment.

Music Warren Hein Producer Wade Mosher/Warren Hein
Publisher Warren Hein Performance Wade Mosher
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