Letter To The Lord

Story Behind The Song

I found the rough draft of this tune in my old files, never produced it, felt it was time--especially since I found it on Veteran's Day (no lie!)

Song Description

Another of Hein's "snapshot" stories, this time about a Viet Nam vet.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant Subject Philosophy
Language English Era 2000 and later


A Letter To The Lord
© 2021 Words and Music by Warren Hein

I have a friend who lives on the street
We sometimes chat on my way to eat
His hands shake real bad
His legs don't work at all
But he's proud of his friends carved in that D.C. wall
Shipped over there in 1966
Sent by LBJ he re-upped for Tricky Dick
No hard feelings of the feelings he has left
He says he did his job
His number just came up next
Chorus 1/2
Flashbacks of Quixote but he won't forget/
Sometimes he gets crazy when he can't forget
His M16 was his sword
He wheels to the mission for his daily bread
Then writes a letter to the lord
Another letter to the lord/ A letter to the lord
He can live inside but likes the fresh air
Passersby pretend that he's not there
He talks to himself
But swears he doesn't touch the juice
(spoken"I'm only half loony") he laughs
What's...what's your excuse?")
Repeat Chorus

nice story need more of these carry on good storytelling

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Wade Mosher Productions/Warren Hein Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Wade Mosher WFH/Brian Ruddy vocals
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