Dream Love

Story Behind The Song

Spiritual pseudo-psychedelic song ala John Lennon/George Harrison

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Peaceful Subject Happiness, Spirituality
Similar Artists The Beatles Language English
Era 1960 - 1969



Dream love
Shining down upon us like the warmth of the sun
Extreme love
The time is now upon us for the healing to come
Let the souls renew, heal the wounds of division
Let the pain come undone
Supreme love
Open up your hearts toward the one

Deny the darker voice
Reject the shadows for the light
Find the light
Let your heart rejoice
The healing angels are in sight

Dream love
The arms of God embracing every soul on this earth
Extreme love
The spirit child is gracing us, a means of rebirth
Find your own true dance, dance to the rhythm now of God's beating heart
Supreme love
Join us now that we may never part

Deny the darker voice...

I loved the song. Great acoustic picking sound in beginning and then the sing took off from there. I would totally listen to this repeatedly. Really awesome song, great singing, catchy but without being too repetitive. The song perked my interest at the start and kept it the whole time. A real treat!

I love the solo acoustic guitar intro and the subsequent introduction of drums and bass. Nice change of direction of at 1.28 and the interlude at 1.58. The vocal style really suits the song and demonstrates a great vocal range. Lovely chord progression. Strong lyrics. Very catchy. Jeff Lynne could have written this song.

I've never heard anything quite like this before. The intro is expertly crafted, setting things up beautifully for this song of love, hope and vision. Very soothing, convincing vocal. Lead guitar is passionately played. Falsetto vocal very nicely done. I really like the chord progression, too. Great job on this one!

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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