Story Behind The Song

atmospheric instrumental

Song Length 4:27 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Tranquil Similar Artists Pink Floyd
Era 1980 - 1989

Nice snazzy instrumental. I like how the electric guitar came in. At first I thought it was a beat oriented rhythmic song. Then it evolved into a rock type song.

I like into with just the drums and lovely drum effects. Lovely lead guitar tone. Lovely use of keys. In fact great musicianship all round. Excellent sound quality. Nicely mixed. The whole thing has a Dave Gilmour/Pink Floyd vibe.

I really like the feel of this. I hear a pink floyde influence or better yet a david gilmore.

opening made me think Genesis a little bit... I nearly expected a Phil type vocal to jump in... might be REALLy cool if it did actually have vocals

This song lends itself to cinema. It seems to tell a story even without words. The instrumentation was a very nice combination. Nothing was lacking in this piece. Best of luck in getting it into a movie (a western I would assume).

Nice intro and build up. I like less is more.

I have nothing but good things to say about this song. Wow, just wow. This one is the first song I've given 5s across the board. The guitar work is beautiful, every note is perfect and well planned. The accompaniment is well done and compliments the focus of the piece instead of detracting from it. The drums set the mood very well. The guitar tone is so damn good. The pedal steel or slide guitar part is exactly what this piece needs to set it above and beyond.

This song has a very laid back, but purposeful direction. The tune is well recorded and the instrumentation is spot-on!! Not sure of the genre of this tune, it's has a dreamy New Age feel, but then again it has a very cool rock feel to it!! It's just a well thought out composition, very engaging, Great piece of Music for all!!

Song builds real nicely from a very good intro. Guitar kicks in at just the right time. Strong composition that would sound good in the background of something like a mystery or thriller movie or possibly even something lighter, like a love story.

Lyrics none Music Gregory Johnson
Producer Gregory Johnson Publisher none
Performance Gregory Johnson
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