For Now

Story Behind The Song

This is a very common theme, starting out as friends and then growing into something more. I know I've felt it. I recently witnessed it happening to a friend of mine and watching it unfold was so endearing that I wanted to write about it, to capture the essence. There's so much you want to say, but there's too much at stake should the feelings be unrequited. So rather than lose it all, you just enjoy the beautiful friendship that you least for now.

Song Description

You know that guy who really gets you, who makes you laugh, who knows the meaning behind every expression you make, and knows what you're trying to say before you finish your sentence? The one whose close connection to you is evident to everyone around but you constantly have to explain that "we're just friends"? Are you really "just friends"? This is a song about falling in love with your best friend, but not having the audacity to tell him for fear of losing what you have. So you calm the butterflies in your stomach and muffle your pounding heart while silently waiting for the right time.

Song Length 4:06 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Adorable Subject Attracted, Crush, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Katy Perry, Taylor Swift Language English
Era 2000 and later


I wonder if you feel it, too? My longing eyes, lingering on you. Memorizing each line on your face. Waiting anxiously for our next embrace. Conversations flow on and on. From the twilight hours until dawn. Listening as you tell me your dreams. Pretending everything is as it seems. | CHORUS How will I ever tell you? I've fallen for you head over heels. You've set my heart aglow. But timing is everything, I know. Until the day my pride allows. I'll take whatever this is, just as it is...For now. | I wonder if you can hear my heart? Racing each time we meet and when we part. Day by day my feelings for you grow. Doing all I can to not let them show. My intentions are not as they appear. I'm holding back the truth behind my fears. Afraid of losing what I have in you. Wondering deep inside if you feel it, too? | CHORUS | Do you see me the way I see you? Will you ever feel the way I do?| CHORUS (rev) When will I get to tell you? I melt from just the nearness of you. Who knew my heart could glow? But timing is everything, I know. Until the day my pride allows. I'll take whatever this is, just as it is. I guess it's good enough...For now.

Lyrics Giana Nguyen Foster Music Giana Nguyen Foster, Tony T. Nguyen
Producer Barrett Slagle Publisher Giana Nguyen Music
Performance Giana Nguyen
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Brian Cunningham Female Vocals - Pop/Rock/R&B 3/9/2012

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