The Other Side Of The Road

Story Behind The Song

In the case of this song, the existing relationship has now come to a crossroads. Two partners are on the verge of making up or breaking up, whereby one feels that the relationship has become dull over time. Instead of re-igniting the original flame, she has now come in view of a more promising venture, in the form of love elsewhere. She is faced with the decision of re-kindling her current relationship, or dropping everything and sticking with a new love conquest. Her partner is keen to re-establish their romance and pick up where they left off, yet the overall choice has been left with her.

Song Description

The Other Side of the Road is a country song that ties in romance with potential heartbreak. It is not uncommon for individuals at times to regard neighbouring circumstances as more desirable than one's own. It can be as innumerable as the galaxies and stars, as to the outward appearances that can be deemed more favourable. The count of luxury vacations, fashionable clothes, expensive cars and grand properties can all come under the radar of the wandering eye.

Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists John Hiatt Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
If love is what you feel and it's real
Authentic, bona fide, with true appeal
From high to low emotions on the course
All I'm asking of you, I shall not force
To reach forever more for your hand
Only skies from up above will understand
To walk that open road, towards the dream
Yet my heart will comprehend what I mean

And if it's safe with me, it's plain to see
The one and only place to build a home
And while you wait and see, if the grass is green
Greener on the other side of the road
Greener on the other side of the road

Verse 2
The readiness to move, the swift reply
The yearning just to feel the my oh my
There's nothing else to prove, nor answer why
With dedicated thought, I'll aim to try
The pull, a mighty force, has kept you there
So far away from me, you're unaware
To render ever still and not be moved
The tainting of my heart, so to sooth


Oh please tell me, whoever is to know
Destined so to try or forever let me go
That special part of me, was casted to the shore
I'll surely wait to see, is this forever more


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Lyrics Geraldine Taylor Music James Edgar
Producer James Edgar Publisher Songtrust
Performance James Edgar
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