Story Behind The Song

In light of the main concept, to imagine, in such an arena, may be imagining a wholesome relationship with a caring person who bears wholesome fruit, in spite of experiencing past relationships to the contrary. To imagine meeting a potential partner who has a genuine interest and recognises the priceless value in you, in spite of a history of rejection. To take off the limits of the progress that can be made in your career, is also to appreciate the potential that can be maximised. To imagine possible career prospects even when limiting opinions from others, said otherwise. In this manner it is about removing the limiting beliefs of what you can become! Taking one's imagination beyond stereotypical viewpoints, pigeon holed boxes and limiting labels. There may be hidden gifts and abilities that have yet to come to light or be released unto the world. It relates to the willingness to believe in the preconceived visions that are yet to be manifested. An individual who may have been inclined to think small, yet with a reestablished sense of intrinsic value and self worth, can make the decision to think big. Individuals have inner gifts and abilities in the form of service, that can be duly exchanged for value. To "shake off" financial limitations is to comprehend personal usefulness and resourcefulness. To imagine the accomplishment of long-term financial goals, as a by-product of services rendered and to soar beyond a limited threshold.

Song Description

The underlying notion is the ability as well as the possibility of creating a new picture each day, upon the blank canvas of life. Whilst embracing newly created visions, an individual can recognise that their future is not limited by their past. Change is an all-embracing constant, which is as equally applicable to the varying facets of life. Life comprises ever-varying forms of energy, in every flicker of every moment, change is in natural occurrence. With changing seasons, vibrating particles, an expanding universe and ever-changing forms, change is within us as well as all around us. It is equally about raising a personal level of consciousness pertaining to perceived illusions, that have lead to a number of individuals living by way of a limited experience, far below their true desires. In the arena of romance, a person may have a vivid recollection of hurtful memories of unfaithfulness, rejection, abuse of the various forms or have experiences relating to mistrust. With such degrees of complexity, greater simplicity can be established when going to the root of unresolved matters. For merely clipping away at the visible branches does not get to the heart of the matter. Initially seeds would have been sown that need to be identified, so as to assist with discontinuing repeated patterns.

Song Length 2:56 Genre Pop - General, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject General
Similar Artists Ben Haenow Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Imagine if you could go beyond, the shackles of the chains and bonds
To truly love again, just imagine
Imagine if you could touch the sky and climb a wall like ten feet high
To open your heart, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

Verse 2
Imagine if you could unify, a broken past, bitten twice shy
To be vulnerable, just imagine
Imagine if you could crumble down, the walls created to surround
To remove the guards, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

A new perspective there to take, an unbound dream to re-awake
My script of all revisions new
Persistent continuity, facing all uncertainty
A bright scene, a refreshing view
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh

Verse 3
Imagine if you could wind the clocks, identify the stumbling blocks
To re-establish with clarity
Imagine a journey not the same, an open trust right there to gain
To receive new opportunity
Ooh now I see
Ooh I believe in me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©?

Lyrics Geraldine Taylor Music Geraldine Taylor
Producer Geraldine Taylor Publisher Songtrust
Performance Jesse Dawson
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