Better Days

Story Behind The Song

Watching or reading the news always leaves me hoping for better days.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Change, Dreams
Era 2000 and later

It has potential of being a good instrumental.

Wish I could play half as good as this! Production is stellar. Playing is great! The bar has been set for the rest of us!

I liked everything I heard! I heard some really sweet harmonizing guitar leads in there. Love that stuff. Nice tone on the guitar. The mix is right on! Neat stuff. Keep it up!!!

Really solid playing on this track. Guitars have great energy and really good pitch. They're doubled really well to give them a nice full feeling. Drum pattern is done pretty well. I like the synth melody that plays in different spots of the song. Could see it getting placement on TV show with motorcycles and racing. It's got an exciting, celebratory feel to it.

Great job.......... Good picking

Great guitar tone and drum work, as well as really cool transitions. A really good quality piece.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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