The Lovin' Time

Story Behind The Song

A man who loves his wife; wants her to know that, always.

Song Description

A love song for travelers, frequently military Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Submariners, etc., often headed into harm's way, who reflect upon loved ones. Personally, it was awfully hard crawling back on-board a plane for the return trip to Vietnam after Christmas, 1971. In doing so, I had to leave my wife, Annie, and 23-month-old baby girl, Stacy Leigh, back home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. While at Phan Rang, RVN Air Base, I had approximately 165 men waiting to see if their 1882nd Comm Squadron commanding officer would return from Christmas leave. He did. I think most were happy I came back, but I wouldn't lay money on it, even now in 2023. One thing for sure, however, I'd love to get together with them one more time for a huggin' or cussin' out. I cared for them then, as I do now. They were good people, and I was proud serving with them.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Alternative



The lovin' ain"t the reason... I'm stayin' here with you,
not the way you smile nor comb your hair.
Not the way you love me when I'm here with you,
But the way you love me... when I'm not there.

Sometimes, I go away... leave you here alone.
You know my love's with you; I won't be gone for long.
Thoughts of us together... ease my mind,
I know you'll be home... come the lovin' time.

The lovin' time is the right time.
You make my dreams come true.
And any time is the right time,
'long as I'm here with you.

It's the lovin'.... you give that keeps me thinkin' of you,
each day.... I'm away from you.
All the joy I see, as I drive along each day
makes me sad 'til I share it.... with you.

I thank God... each day... for what He has given me:
Your sweet love... He gave..., in answer to my plea.
I recall the day, you cried when you heard me say,
you are the one.... the only one for me.

Repeat Chorus

Yes, any time.... is the right time,
'long as I'm here, dear, with youuuuuu.
Here, dear, with you.

COPYRIGHT, 2019 404-731-4077
Eugene Gatwood
Terry Wallace
& Ogden Harless

Lyrics See Credit Line. Music Gene Gatwood, Terry Wallace & Ogden Harless
Producer None Publisher None
Performance Lucas Woodgeard & band Label None

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