Just Hush Up!

Song Description

He loves the girl, but greatly angered her! Reflects upon their relationship, and his hopes of regaining her love and affections, because he truly desires having her as a lifetime companion.

Song Length 2:49 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Drinkin' Jose, salt and lime, without a girlfriend, wastin' time.
Says my habits are outta' line. But, she shouldn't be un....kind.
I don't sit around, drink, and whine, but, need another shot on the line,
for her lovin', you know, I want to be.... mine. Last name same as.... mine.

There's a fly.... over by that sign, whose days
are numbered, if he sucks on my lime.
Gonna' send him up to fly heaven.
Soon as I've had me another Jose salt and lime.

Goin' home now, where I must try. From the truth I cannot hide.
For she said that I'm not worthy now to lie down by her side.
Said that I'm not ready..... should ripe more on the vine.
Learn how to open doors; bring flowers to her sometimes.
Said I bet she hates my dawg..... and my pick-em-up truck.
Scolded me, to "Zip the lip, sit down, and just hush up. Just hush... up."

Solo II
That jukebox girl.... playin' with my mind,
will ask her over... hand her some ol' line.
Like, "Won't-cha' help me... make it thru the night?"
Soon as... I've had me... another Jose salt and lime.

Just another drink or two, to help me do what I should do.
Make my head feel better.... build my courage too.
Then I'll do...... what I should do.

Repeat Chorus

Yes, "Zip the lip, sit down.... and just hush... up."

Copyright, 2023 404-731-4077
Eugene Gatwood
& Terry Wallace

Lyrics Gene Gatwood & Terry Wallace Music Gene Gatwood & Terry Wallace
Producer None Publisher None
Performance Gene Gatwood Label None

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