Moan No More Clip 1 (choir) 2m18s

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The text reminds me a bit of Gertrude Stein, although it was not a conscious decision on my part to emulate her. Perhaps G. Stein-meets-Gregorian Chant in a Steve Reich/Philip Glass living room? The small changes in text occur in a similar fashion as Meisner Technique, a mirroring exercise for actors in which each actor imitates the other until one's interpretation takes over and changes the words. The music emanates from the text. The form of the composition becomes a function of the substance.

Song Length 2:18 Genre Classical - Contemporary


Mmm nnn rrr roam roam more roam oh on no one moan on. moan no more
No one knows no one no more. roam more on moan on more.
Roam more roam oh no moan more. roam on moan oh no one no more.
No one knows no one no more. roam on.
No one wants to want to know two. to no one no more.
Moan more roam more. No one knows no one no more.

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