What you looking at

Song Length 3:25 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


I was walking by a river (on my own)
Not a single soul in sight yeah..
I took a look at my reflection
Someone had given up the fight

no climbing no proving just being unseeing no contact connection immobile affection

I used to say
What you looking at
you've under achieved and now I'm under attack oh
What you looking at what you looking at
you'e not so discreet about the things that I lack oh
What you looking at what you what you think you're better than me well I was ready for that oh
What you looking what you looking at?

So what happened in the meantime (I guess I know)
Found a simple quiet life yeah...
I spent my time on things I dreamed of
Now I can play not waste my time

no climbing......

Mirror mirror on the wall

Lyrics Donna Kaur Music David griffiths
Producer David Griffiths

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