I owe it to my Heart

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


They say that love is made of magic
To wish is only half way there
it casts a spell and you're ecstatic
because it's beautiful beware
take care

I owe it to my heart
Not to let it suffer
keep it from coming apart
like the perfect lover

They say that loves devoid of logic
mistrust is only in the air
a lonely soul to me is tragic
to fid the one to love is rare

I owe it to my heart
to give it confidence
invite it into my head
no regrets

You may feel a murmour
the slightest hint of a flutter
Bring on the mother....

I owe it to my heart....

Lyrics Donna Kaur/David Griffiths Music David griffiths
Producer David griffiths

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