Song Description

Not feeling grown up, things in our lives, insecurity

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


verse 1
Why don't I tick why don't i tock
Am always counting aloud
without a pit without a stop
i'm gonna have a breakdown
I asked the old man in the park
he said sister I'm feeling it the same way
don't forget to get things done
you've gotta learn it the hard way
And I'm coming into land
I'm on a mind game runway I'm feeling pretty terminal too
Understand its the plan and you're heading the same way

verse 2
I think I've finally learned to see
history is forever repeating itself
time is catching up on me you know
This is my feit accompli
and I cant understand I never needed no psychology
i'm checking my head today
understand i got lost along the way

Why do i still feel like I'm sixteen
young enough to counter any strichnine
survived Maggie and i've seen the A bomb
I said i don't know and I don't know
Why do I still feel like I'm sixteen
Offspring born before the X wing
survived Ronnie and his cowboy dreams
still i don't even know myself

And we can't fight this subjectivity
and we can't fight this retroactivity
And it's not right to keep this in my head oh no
Cos we're all gonna feel it never gonna beat it
this long term problems got me scheming and deceiving instead


Lyrics D. Griffiths Music D.Griffiths
Producer D.Griffiths

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