Song Description

Don't just believe what you hear, make your own mind up, even if it's against the grain.

Song Length 3:35 Genre Rock - Punk
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject War Language English


Verse 1
How come they came down on one side of the fence
When they can barely see the evidence
They came out kicking screaming stamping their feet
Just read the headlines and then followed like sheep

Think again, think again
The mans infiltrating
it's too much to think for yourself

Verse 2
Could've seen this coming like the 4th of july
independence is only there to light up the sky


Hey, get over yourself
pretend that you're not in a world that's split into black or white
Get out of the way
cos here comes the grey, here comes the grey

Towing the line you're a processed rebel
flat pack shrink wrap,factory line

Never question your decision
narrow minded, tunnel vision
No more heroes in suburbia
Pretty vacant so familiar
find a subject you can master
brave new world such a disaster

Lyrics D. Griffiths Music D.Griffiths
Producer D. Griffiths
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Clean Clean

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