That's all for now

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


Sunday morning lying awake
I find this world gone beserk with a belly ache
Remove the covers shield my eyes there's someone in me
My clocks been ticking 10 to 5
been talking to myself to make me feel alive
Trembling, shaking butterflies
and all this constant growing
has made me realise

That's all for now
too bad you're beautiful
i'm changed somehow
It's all over now

It took so damn long but it's finally done
'cept from teething problems
cos we've still got that to come
hide and seek a game I'm learning to play
feeling like I'm newly born yesterday
that's all


Give me some time and I'll cry with you lie through the night
cos you've hit me right between the eyes
Sit up and fight for the life in you
look at me I'm pure and true
throwing down this big disguise

that's all........

Lyrics D. Griffiths/ D. Kaur Music D. Griffiths
Producer D. Griffiths

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