Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


verse 1
Daddys only happy at home, He says he's living through monochrome
waiting on the end of the day
to burn it up and blow it all away blow it all away
daddys not a lonely soul
Daddy shares his bed with his rock and roll
Tuning into video living his life in remote control
Edges begin to fray,his song from day to day
Daddys not a lonely soul he's not an apple oh no
Allelujah we can see right through you
Allelujah You know we're here to save you

Daddys into captain Kirk, and in his mind he's gonna rocket
All across the milky way to burn it up and blow it all away, blow it all away
Daddys always watching the sky and from his bed he's gonna fly
Leaving it all behind he's gonna wait for a standby
New York or Amsterdam
killing his time with his masterplan Daddys always watching the sky


Lyrics D.Griffiths/D.Kaur Music D.Griffiths
Producer D.Griffiths
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Clean Clean

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