The Little Time You Own

Story Behind The Song

Came up with some eerie music ideas and put some words to flow to it like a bad white boy should... Hope you Love it or hate it! djc

Song Description

Life is too short! Song is a GEM Simple groove that is very Radio friendly. Freaky music that is hauntingly hypnotic.

Song Length 2:59 Genre Rap - Alternative, Electronic - Downbeat
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Passive Subject Life, Evolution
Similar Artists 2 Live Crew, Arrested Development Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Little Time You Own by d. clare


It?s up to you kid, all you do and what you did
You live for now, anyway, anyhow you want to
You got to give your plan, to the main man
Any slight-of-hand will haunt you

The Little Time You Own?

Be cool you fool, play it smart, know the rules
Surely someday maybe soon, you too will depart
You can take physically from somebody, anybody, every body else
Only stealing deep from inside, from your own damn self

The Little Time You Own?

There?s a bitch on the cellular yelling your name
It?s easy to say ?Ah, to hell with her?
Don?t want to be dealing out hate; start using your brain
You?re straying away from the great halls of fame

The Little Time You Own?

Get the job done today, there?s no place to run away to
Fight for your dream, you got to go it alone
You only have a little time left, the little time you own?

The Little Time You Own?The Little Time You Own?The Little Time You Own?

© 2004 Clairvoyant Music / BMI JS21 LLC

Lyrics David John Clare Music David John Clare
Producer David John Clare Publisher Clairvoyant Music/BMI
Performance David John Clare

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