Come Back and Stay With Me

Story Behind The Song

I have worked (studios) inna da Yard dred, seen? Also, used to live/work in Cayman Islands. I had a 22 year-old (virgin) girl friend (stunning look) She fell for me kinda hard, then soon I had to go to Japan and live. I use that story as fodder in a extrapolatorial sense. Adorable peotic liscense. Ahh, the glory of powerful romance! Hear it beckoning? Go to it now ! Play the song already!!!

Song Description

He was visiting an island in the tropics, met a native girl. Song is only from her heart and clever lyrics are from her perspective. Languid and non-whining attitude, plus exotic (syncopated reggae back-beat), elegant soft gushing pads, subtle far away moodiness, Pop meets R&B, meet "Rockers" style reggae, oozing with the promises of a Platinum groovy gem, A-side scorcher. This theme makes for provocative romantic subject/song matter. This song is hard to beat, from any writer, or any sound you've ever felt (mmm).

Song Length 3:39 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Poignant Subject Long, Friendship
Similar Artists Mary J. Blige, Abba Language English
Era 2000 and later


Come Back and Stay with Me- d. clare

Verse 1
I gave my deepest love, kind for only one to see
Now you've gone and left me here with just a burning memory
I found my number one; the storybook had just begun
You said, "Soon again we'll meet, in a midnight tropic heat ! "

Chorus (part1)
Sunshine, you are the stars and the earth to me
You were my fun time; you were so good for me
Ooo a oo oo, In my mind, you are the best that could ever be
Was like a dream (Come back and stay with?)
Come on back and stay with me

Chorus (part 2)
You'll find I have the pleasures that you seek
Could last a long time, island treasures keep
Star shine, you were the bright spot in my night
Now it's all gone away (Come back and stay with?)
Come on back and stay with me

Verse 2
I'd give you all, there's nothing else that I can dream
Yet love can be so selfish and sometimes too obscene
I will always hope to remember, your touch, so true, so tender
Yours is from a loving kind of cup, mood of mine you always seem to butter up

You?re like a dream, oh yes you are, like a dream?

Happy sad situation, bitter sweet separation, real strong loving vice, I need another slice of paradise, make it like it used to be, not a shadow over me, make it happen once again, I?ll be waiting until then?

Lyrics david john clare Music david john clare
Producer david john clare Publisher Clairvoyant Music/BMI
Performance studio singer and prod. Label N/A

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