Story Behind The Song

I was in this position myself. Weren't you?

Song Description

Boy imagines what he'll do in this upbeat pop / reggae jolter!

Song Length 5:28 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean, Pop - Europop
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Sociable Subject Wheels, Luck/Coincidence
Similar Artists Shaggy, Sugar Ray Language English
Era 2000 and later


" Got to have Wheels "
by David John Clare

Verse 1
You got to have wheels if you want to have fun
in the evening when the sun goes down
Got to have a back seat if you want to have a girlfriend
and cruise around with the Bass up loud

I wanna ride I wanna ride I wanna ride all over town
In my pocket dollars and english pound so listen king scotchy
He's the king on the throne me and my baby riding into town
We say we like them black, white & brown
I'm riding west that mean I'm westbound
If I am lost at the show I will found there me and my baby sitting right down
? ? ? (ad lib)

Verse 2
You got to have wheels if you want to get the green light
from the girl that?s breaking your heart
Make your dolls face light up way so bright
when she hears your motor start

Jump, jump up jump for joy said . . .y
Bad bad bad bad boy don't take king scotchy for no toy
Reggae music is what we enjoy I'm coming to town
I'm gonna bring you joy
So the people them a jump and shout for joy
So listen king scotchy don't take him for no toy
Cause i'm a bad bad bad bad boy bad bad bad bad boy


Page 2


Riding on, making fast time,
is when you give your loving to me
When we go, we ever never slow down,
until we reach that harmony?

Verse 3
You got to have wheels if you want to ride uptown
To get the money from a bet you won
Heaven knows that this night ain't gonna end soon
Ya? got the wheels and you?re the Lucky One

I wanna ride, I wanna ride ?

Got to have Wheels?

The girls dem young and the girls dem strong
They want a man with ambition !
The girls you go show dem horsepower
They don?t want a man with, flat tire !

Jump, jump, jump for joy?

Come with me baby, I?ve got the money
Let?s go shopping and to the movie
Wheeling and wheeling, we?ll never slow down
?till we reach that fairy ground
In my car there?s a champion sound
Everybody come and gather around

© 1996-2004 all rights reserved D. Clare

Lyrics David John Clare Music David John Clare
Producer David John Clare Publisher Clairvoyant Music / BMI
Performance David John Clare & King Scotchy

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