Please Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Song Length 3:09 Genre Rock - Classic, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Worried Subject Fear
Language English

Very well put-together song. Really good intro. Arrangement really good. Really good take lyrically on the humdrum existence that most of us deal with. Instrumentation really good, everything seems to jibe very nicely.

Beautiful recording and all the parts work well within the frame of the song. Great backing vocals and harmonies.

Good imagery.

Reminiscent of Bob Welsh period of Fleetwood Mac, bluesy and mysterious

Excellent groove, the guitars really have the feel ..Vocal is pitch perfect....Loved the overall feel to it . The song can be pitched in sequences with a little bit of suspense .

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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