I'm In Love With You

Song Length 2:42 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - General
Mood Blissful, In High Spirits Subject Attracted, Crush, Madly In Love

nice voice and good feel to this song. I like the hook I'm in love with you. But the rest doesn't get me there.

A strange song, probably an amusing song when you are in the know. It is not unfunny to just keep singing barbecue with a slightl, tongue in cheek, wooly-sounding (double and echoed voice and chorus or duet. I have given it all excellent because I like its humor.

kind of a different approach to country so I called it unique

Cool...sounds like 70's rock. Nice guitar work with the effects. I could see air play for this.

I loved the melody and groove to the song, it had a sixties vibe. I would not say this was country, but a fun song.You did good with the lyrics.I liked it.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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