I Don't Know What To Do

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - General

Cool intro! A real interesting mood is set from the top. Very arrangements ideas. I love the sparseness of the arrangement. I love the sixties-style guitar that comes in around :45. Such emotion throughout the song. Very haunting and disturbing.

Great song. Cool lyrics and vocals. Very emotional song with depth.

I love the intro here. Sounds like there is impending doom, and then it is proven with the desperation of the lyrics. Nice musical changes throughout, and great vocals and reverb. Great job.

Interesting song. would be good in a movie, suspense of some kind, like how we start off, sounds like Clapton a little, like the echo back and forth with the vocs,this will be my last"--nice. "one more text" ha ha.

This was moving, very real, raw. At first it reminded me of Evanescence but then became totally different. Good singing, nice clear lyrics.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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