Lighters (Race Card)

Song Length 2:33 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Check out the way that we rock it
No way that they can stop it
Takes off like a rocket
It's like Iraq with a hostage
A lot heads will be rolling
Now take cover like Trojan
Don't move not a smidgen
Not an inch in this scrimmage
Feel the surge in my words
Powered by blood in my veins
Brain contains all the pain
Then I place it on the paper
We made moves that are major
Brought together through nature
Go to church in your scared
Now... lighters in the air

Lighters in the air now
Lighters in the air
Lighters in in the air now

Verse 2:
My movement is to pursue it
All together lets do it
Move and side like a fader
To change the mind of a hater
We all learn our own lesson
The only way for progression
Race Card the infection
Don't need your protection
The only thing that is real
Is to came say how you feel
Get together let?s build
Remove those eyes that are blurred
Feel the truth as it emerges
Come and test if you dare
Throw them up now... lighters in the air


Verse 3:
Got to love or you lose it
Is it real, can you prove it?
About the life that you live
And how they program your kids
We have to take it all back
Research and get you some facts
The masses is my concern
Tell me when will they learn
Got to let it all burn
The pain...the joy...the feeling
The pressure, they'll test ya
Can't measure the power
Start a fire by throwing up your lighters now


Throw em up, throw em up now
Come on, throw em up now


Lyrics Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi Music Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi, Aaron Schwoerer, Brad Elliott
Producer Race Card & Eric Arm Publisher Damian Hagger (ASCAP), Tahir Jahi (ASCAP)
Performance Race Card
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