Do You Feel Me? (Race Card)

Song Length 4:11 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Look in the mirror I like what I see
Look at yourself do you believe now?
Get on your knees and pray to your god
Go to church; do you even like your own job?
The hours you work, you dealing with jerks
Your perception is skewed, you planning to lose
Magazines is giving you that awkward view
You chasing that wealth got you hating yourself
Need to open your mind, see what you find now

Do you feel me?
Do you think I'm sexy?
Do you believe me?
I hate the way you treat me

Verse 2:
The women I cross I learn my own lesson
Tell me how you feel, why start the guessing?
The games that we play, the names that we say
Go back and forth like Venus and tennis
From PA to Venice women get boob jobs
Before they go see a dentist!
No I'm not kidding - Nose, Lips, Stomach, Hips
Damn people, man, what else can I fix?
Tell me, what part of the game is this?


When I look from afar
You know you look like a star
Or more like the core of the sun
I'm clutching my eyes from the
Rays of your beauty
The curve of your booty
Yeah, I like it like that
Look at your belly
Got them apple bottoms - the pants from Nelly
What, no, I'm not thinking with my tool
You can't play me for a fool
No, I play chess
C'mon girl just save your breath

Chorus x2

Lyrics Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi Music Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi
Producer Race Card & Eric Arm Publisher Damian Hagger (ASCAP), Tahir Jahi (ASCAP)
Performance Race Card
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