Do Love Hip Hop? (Race Card)

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Sometimes I rhyme slow sometime I rhyme quick
No matter how it comes out, its always-hot-shit
Tahir Jahi no doubt sound it out - we will rock
Counter clock we are setting you back
This is fact now
Open the passenger side and ride with me
Touch the sky with me
Come and side with me
My thoughts keep you caught in a black hole of mess
With each breath ...release stress
Peep the threat
See the strain in my eye
Born from America?s lies
No need to tell the truth, cause I am
And I don't give a damn
What you say man
Not the type to play man
Never die always stay man

Yeah, Yeah
Do you love hip hop?
Yeah, Yeah
Hip hop mixed with a little rock
Yeah, Yeah
Tahir Jahi and I rock none stop
Yeah, Yeah

Verse 2:
There?s a soul in me
Looking for a destiny
Blood flows through my arteries
Different possibilities
Hold on to that bad energy
Who is going to know what my feeling be?
My girl always grilling me
She says I need to stay focus
I come from an environment that most say is hopeless
Most of these cats are straight hostess
Creamy and mad soft
Talk like they know a little something, but they lost
You get tossed in the trash heap, I peep
All these cats that straight weak minded
Tell them anything they'll stand behind it
You?re a none factor
A bunch of actor?s straight reading off a script
Running your lip, comedy skit
Puppets get off that bullshit


Verse 3:
Do you really know what beef is or the facts?
Do you know who supplies all the crack and guns
Pack the slum, smack your young
When they step out of line
Hit ya with fines
Privatizing jails
Criminal time for young ages
Taking freedom from all races, all creeds
Rich telling poor what they need
Infect them with disease
Now you holding down jobs
By the 3's

Chorus x 2

Lyrics Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi Music Damian Hagger, Tahir Jahi
Producer Race Card & Eric Arm Publisher Damian Hagger (ASCAP), Tahir Jahi (ASCAP)
Performance Race Card
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