Thats what mamas for

Song Description

The relation a father could have with children and the importance of the mother

Song Length 3:58 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Composed
Subject Love for Child, Mother Language English
Era 2000 and later


That's What Mama's For
By Dean Caputo & Claude Laferriere ©2009
Male: You were young, only twenty-two
Already playing peek-a-boo
With our newborn that arrived just weeks before
Female: Mama taught me what to do
Good thing 'cuz I ain't had a clue
When I thanked her she said, "That's what mama's for"

Male: A nervous new daddy, I doubled-dipped Skoal
as I learned my way - she took control
Together: When our baby was upset and teary-eyed
Female: I'd pull her in and hold her tight
Softly whisper in the evening light
Together: Rocking and singing until
That last tear dried

Male: I was the clown and the hero of bedtime stories
Sipped the make-believe tea made for me
Checked for monsters behind the closet door
Together: But sometimes when our princess cried
No matter what daddy tried
Mama's comfort was needed more
Female: That's what mama's for

Male: We might'a been brand new
And made mistakes like parents do
But our baby girl will turn out just fine, I'm sure
Female: I'm gonna pass on what I know
As our daughter grows
When she thanks me I'll say, "That's what mama's for"

Male: A calm, cool daddy, I quit chewing chaw
I knew my way, and when to withdraw
Together: When our young lady felt sad and teary-eyed
Female: I'd step in and hold her tight
To make everything alright
Together: Walking and talking until
That last tear dried

Chorus (repeat)

Lyrics Caputo/Laferriere Music Barbe
Producer Barbe/Nashville demo studio Performance Devin Belle/Mike Kelley
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