redneck techspert

Song Length 3:20 Genre Country - Rock


Redneck Techspert
Written by: Dean Caputo © 2009

He lives electronically
His time's now measured in (mega)bytes
And he spends it wirelessly

His radio comes by satellite
His doc's on WebMD
And when it comes to that ol' corn toss
He's got the high score on the Wii

He watches NASCAR on his phone, there's an app for that
When he's feeling all alone, there's a chat for that
If he gets lost 4-wheelin', there's a map-app for that
Got an e-date for the fair, there was a match for that
He's completely crossed over and he'll never revert

Blackberry hooked to his overalls
Bluetooth in his ear
He sends an I.M. to the bartender
When he needs a round of beer

He texts, he tweets
He's networked on 3G
He's linked and he's connected

He says:
Stop by MySpace and have a look-see/the fish I mounted on my wall in Face-booked me/a Talladega weekend without talking to a soulful music playing on my mp3


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