Story Behind The Song

Only him can do something about the lies and the situations he's living.

Song Description

A man faces his demons and lies and try to overcome his problem

Song Length 3:24 Genre Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Addiction


NOBODY BUT YOU (4/10/10) review (5/5/10)

You started drinking while playing in a band
wild and wasted to show the gang you were the man
now those days are far behind
but those demons still mess with your mind

You met a good woman and told her i'll do what it takes
You've tried to kick it but it's a hard habit to break
promises you've made and failed somehow
that's why her love is fading out

Lie to yourself you can lie
to hide the shame that eats you , cuz you know it ain't true
Cry, as hard as you can cry
but nobody can help you , nobody but you

Still drunk you wake up , there's a note next to you on the floor
It says: It's over, you blew it, i can't take it anymore
please don't start looking for me
what you've lost is your dignity

Chorus (repeat)

She heard you got back on your feet , you know she wants to tell you
she still believes in you
you can comeback in a heartbeat,
cuz she can't love nobody......nobody but you

CHORUS (repeat)

Lyrics Claude Laferriere Music Laferriere/Allaire/Preobrazenski
Producer Laferriere/Preobrazenski Publisher n/a
Performance n/a Label n/a
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