Who I Am

Song Length 3:16 Genre R & B - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


(I Need To Be) Who I Am

V1: My mama said dontcha' be no fool
dontcha' let nobody take control of you
and manipulate that thing within your heart
and steal away your dream before it starts
gotta reach beyond your possibilities
and live your life in God's reality
in your heart you know He'll make the plan
if you dare to dream you know He can

chorus: I need to be
who I am
and I'll do all that I can
because I know who's in control
and you can't stop Him when He says go
it's no crime
to believe
so I'm not afraid to dream
on my heart He's made the plan
I need to be
who I am

V2: I never said I had it all together
if you misinterpreted, well, whatever
I'm gonna make my own share of mistakes
but I'll learn my lessons covered by His grace
I wanna see beyond my circumstance
gonna keep givin' hope a second chance
cause on my heart He's made the plan
He's made me who I am

Bridge: Take a look inside
what do you see
a small voice waiting to set free
a hope that only dared to whisper in a dream
once you find it don't you let it go
I don't care what you have been told
on your heart He's made the plan
I'm not afraid to be who I am

Words and Music: Christopher M. Heille
© 2000 C*Motion Music/BMI

Lyrics Christopher M. Heille Music Christopher M. Heille
Producer Christopher M. Heille Publisher C*Motion Music/BMI
Performance Vocals: Tara Michaels; Keys, Bass, and Drum Programming: Christopher M. Heille Label © 2000 C*Motion Music
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