Real Love

Song Length 3:16 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Language English
Era 2000 and later


Real Love

v: I know
that things aren't really as they seem
I'm not suprised by
people sayin' crazy things
'bout what they did for love
and how love left them all alone
(and I know)
You may
think that I'm old fashioned, but I
have my doubts that
true love can be misleading
call it what you like,
but you can't play the fool and blame love

b: So let me change your definition
Get a new position
on this thing you're wishin' for
you just might find

c: I'm talkin 'bout a real love
that's the thing I dream of
Everybody needs a
love to show them the way
More than just a feeling
something to believe in
I'm talkin 'bout a real love

v: If you're feelin' me
maybe you can handle this (there's)
more to love than
chemistry and circumstance
an unconditional,
crazy for you kind of love ( it doesn't )
set you up
just to let you down
never takes advantage
doesn't spin you round
but you just might miss it
if you let it slip away

bridge: When you find it captures your soul
and it will not let you go
It takes you to a special place
where you will never walk alone

Words and Music: Christopher M. Heille
©2000 C*Motion Music/BMI

Lyrics Christopher M. Heille Music Christopher M. Heille
Producer Christopher M. Heille Publisher C*Motion Music/BMI
Performance Vocals: Tara Michaels; Keys, Bass, and Drum Programming: Christopher M. Heille Label ©2000 C*Motion Music/BMI
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