Come and Get Some

Song Length 3:46 Genre R & B - Religious
Language English Era 2000 and later


Come and Get Some

C: Co'mon, co'mon, co'mon and get some
if things be bringin' you down
well come and get some
come and get some
Co'mon, co'mon, co'mon and get some
what you waitin' around for?
well come and get some
come and get some

V: I know that it's taken awhile
but you're startin' to figure it out
you heard it once
and checked it twice
and now you're gonna finally take the advice, yeah
You know it's more than a change of mind
I hope you're ready for a change of heart
You'll never see
things the same way, again
are you ready for a real love?

B sec: You used to think
that you could do
"everything" that you needed to
and now you know
that you don't
have control over much at all
no need to fear
because you know
that love has, love has really
taken care of "everything"

V: When you find that the things that you thought you heard
were half truths, misconstrued, and misunderstood
you never gave
love a chance
to prove itself in the middle of your circumstance
and now you move from the questions why
to more importantly ask why not
whoíd have thought that the path that you took
would've led you to believe

Words and Music: Christopher M. Heille
© 2000 C*Motion Music/BMI

Lyrics Christopher M. Heille Music Christopher M. Heille
Producer Christopher M. Heille Publisher C*Motion Music/BMI
Performance Lead Vocal: Tara Michaels; BGV;s: Betty Jones and Tara Michaels; Keys, Bass, and Drum Programming: Christopher M. Heille Label ©2000 C*Motion Music/BMI
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