So Far, So Good

Song Length 3:32 Genre R & B - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


So Far, So Good

v1: My worst day now is better
than the best I'd ever had before
you know I still see cloudy weather
but I don't fear the thunderstorms
I know that into every life
a little rain is gonna fall
but I can understand its' purpose
to prove perfection in us all

C: So far, so good
I wouldn't go back if they asked me to
So far, so good
If I go thru
tough times now I know that I've still got proof that it's
So far, so good

v2: I know that friends say crazy things
that I'd never really hold them to
but when I look into the things You've said
I know You've only spoke the truth
that You loved me and believed enough
to walk a mile in my shoes
and if that wasn't quite enough
You'd really die to see me thru

bridge: I know that people may not understand
in the midst of crazy things
but only You can finish what you've started within me
I know there are reasons
for everything You do and what You say
just because I don't know the reasons why
doesn't mean I've lost my way

Lyrics Christopher M. Heille Music Christopher M. Heille
Producer Christopher M. Heille Publisher C*Motion Music/BMI
Performance Vocals: Tara Michaels; Keys, Bass, and Drum Programming: Christopher M. Heille Label ©2000 C*Motion Music/BMI
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