The Lonely One

Song Description

It's about reaching out to those who need help, whether they want it or not. Reminding people that tomorrow is another day.

Song Length 2:37 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Hard Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Stressed, Frantic
Subject Existence, Loneliness Similar Artists Metallica, Rage Against The Machine
Era 1990 - 1999


Well I say
Hey you on the street
I can help you
Get you on your feet
You're so lonely
Nobody to call
No nobody at all
And you're hoping
We'd all go away
Survive another day

So I hear
You're lucky to still be alive
I can help you
Do you really just want to die
You're so lonely
You just wish the pain
Would flow out of your vein
And spill into the drain
But you still
Survive another day

Well I'm here
And ready to take you away
My name is Jesus
You just need a little faith
You're forgiven
For all that you've done
I think you're the one
You should follow the sun
And you know
You're going to live again

What a slick piece, really well played and recorded. I don't think I heard a note out of place!

loooooooooooooooove the tempo switching

Lyrics Chris Boyden Music Boyden, Buscher and Nelson
Producer Chris Boyden Publisher Chris Boyden
Performance Boyden, Buscher and Nelson

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