Good With Girls

Story Behind The Song

Written just for fun. Not meant to depict any person, living or dead. :)

Song Description

He got caught up in a whirlwind marriage and now regrets every minute of it because she's, well... difficult.

Song Length 4:06 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Honky Tonk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Charming, Affable
Subject Fun, Dysfunctional Relations Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's a story bout a girl I use to date
Something 'bout that girl I really hate
Oh she found me at bar - was drinkin' whiskey from this jar
We got married and boy I shoulda thought to wait

Last night she left me here just like before
She took off with my truck and guess what's more
Well my hound was in the back - all my rifles in the rack
If I get that girl I'll even up the score

See I'm no good with girls - yeah I'm wreckage of a man
But I'm really quite a lover - yes I am
She done hurt my pride when she up and took my ride
Ain't sleepin' tight all through the night
I'm callin' out - that just ain't right

She had a certain kinda sorta way
To make a boy who's feelin' kinda gray
Pep right up inside she did - yeah make ya feel just like a kid
But she'd wreck your life she didn't get her way

She had a plan to get me so I thought
Still ain't a single man she hadn't caught
But they always got away 'cept for me that fateful day
She's still hangin' round my living room today

Now I can't go home when I wanna be alone
That ain't what she wants - what is I shouldn't say
She's a powerful ride she got demons in her hide
Yeah I'm scared to death just from her breath
That toothless smile while all the while

She's plotting to get me in the grave
That's why I'm here today and where I'll stay
I prefer to be with you than find out what that gal will do
If I come home in this condition yet again

Now it's getting pretty close to closin' time
Maybe I'll go home with you if you don't mind
Well I may not look like much but I got a certain touch
And any port in a storm is what I'm tryin' to find

Cuz I'm no good with girls yeah I'm wreckage of a man
But I'm really quite the lover yes I am
Still I can't go home she won't leave this boy alone
I ain't sleepin' right it's a horrible fright
And im scared to death just from her breath
I'm callin' out cuz there ain't no doubt
I'm sure she's got her plans laid out

Yeah I'm no good with girls but I know just what I am
And I ain't gonna take a turn with her again
She can have my dog keep the house I'd rather log
A thousand hours on the road then pay that debt that I ain't owed
Who deserves just such a life livin' with that wretch I call a wife
I ain't sleepin' right it's a horrible fright
And I'm scared to death just from her breath
I'm callin' out and there ain't no doubt
And I know she's got her plans laid out

Good with girls

Cool song!

Catchy melody. Good vocal. Well performed instrumentation.

I like the addition of the harmonies. Great pedal steel playing. Great vocals during steel solo. Lyrics are very entertaining.

Great rhythm. It's a toe-tapping kind of tune. The lyrics are really catchy and fun to listen to. I like the arrangement of this tune. It's more "old" style Country, but I can see something like this having marketability in the right market.

-Lyrics are fun and descriptive/visual/story like
-Instrumentation is well executed
-Could fit a niche very well for an indie movie need for a very specific sound/genre like this
-Song's momentum overall keeps listener interested
-Musicianship is solid
-Original sounding, don't hear this often
-Recording quality represents the idea of the song well enough

great melody,and good solid production,could hear this in a sound track

Great energy right from the start. Love the whole feel and melody. The chorus lifts well from the verse and this song would get everyone on their feet at any get together.

Not really my genre but hey - this tune rocks ... amazing instrumentation and musicianship/vox, puts me in mind of Mr Zappa... lyrically very accomplished!

Lyrics Chris Boyden Music Chris Boyden, Jory Simmons on Pedal Steel
Producer Chris Boyden Publisher Chris Boyden
Performance Chris Boyden, Jory Simmons on Pedal Steel
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