I Do

Story Behind The Song

I preferred to write a song for my wife rather than trying to pick the perfect song from someone else's lyrics.

Song Description

This was written for my wife, Laura as our wedding song.

Song Length 2:26 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Standards
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Blissful, Joyful
Subject Marriage, Celebration Similar Artists James Taylor, The Beatles
Language English


Honey I'm promising
To give you all I've got to give and more
My life was usual
Something down inside of me before
Like the purity
Of what our love can be when two are joined
Now we're hand in hand
With everyone to witness our love
Our love with the blessings from the Lord above
I love you
I do
I do
Baby you're everything
And I'm so glad to wear your ring
And tell all my friends that you're mine
And say I love you all the time
I'll be there when you start to fall
Be sure you don't get hurt at all
Do everything I can with you
Because that's what soul mates always do
They love
Yes they love
With the blessings from above you know I love you
I do
I do
Remember growing up
You always found a way to make me laugh
Laugh, how I love the way you do
I want to spend my life with you
And always know just what to do
I will
I will
I do
I said we love
Yes we love
And I want to thank the Lord above for you
I do
I do

I liked the lyrics and the lead in to the chorus was well done--The melody had a nice flow to it---I liked it

Very nice tune. I really like the Jeff Lynne/ELO vibe of it...especially on the vocal. Nice arrangement and instrumentation. I really enjoyed the use of the flutes (mellotron?) during the solo break.

Very nice tune...has a warm feeling to it -:) Vocals are spot on and instrumentation works well for this song. Pretty hot guitar lic (btw) in there -:) Nice job all around.

Really nice track. Great vocal all the way down to the old school drums! I like it!!!

There is a meaningful message in this song, loving it.

Catchy! I can hear a McCartney influence there.

Nice recording, I love hearing live tracks! Very nice guitar solo and flute accompaniment was nice. Really nice tone on the vocal.

great voice,I could easily here this in a T.V. show on lifetime network or something.nice little tune.

a very beatle-esque feel, in tempo, instrumentation, and arrangement, especially the movement into the chorus, the minor dropping, very nice approach... guitar tone work very well together, solo is extremely tasty... piano stays back, but fattens the guitar chords in that way, a very good combo-sound... vocal is solid pitch-wise, and well performed for this bright-beatle sound, a feel-good song about a simple feel-good feeling (i cant put it any other way really)... lyric is presented nicely with this vocal sound, and the lyric is above average, even though the concept isnt anything new... lyric says simple things, in simple ways, no surprises, and for a pop song, a true pop-song with the late-60s early 70s influence, this is what works... a good song, nothing complicated, just a happy feeling spreading out from a happy fellow

Lyrics Chris Boyden Music Chris Boyden
Producer Chris Boyden Publisher Chris Boyden
Performance Chris Boyden

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