Swamp Ghost in the Purple Lacy Gown

Story Behind The Song

Swamp Ghost in the Purple Lacey Gown: A ghost what walks when the moon be full, usin her own full moon to draw young mens to their deaths with her offer skinny dipping. Any fool knows you caint swim in a swamp, but they says none what sees her can resist her charms...

Song Description

Swamp Ghost in the Purple Lacey Gown: This is an Art Happening thang reminds me of happier times when Eric and Becca was with me and full of fun. It have 4 parts: 1) Swamp Music 2) Purple Lacey Gown 3) Man Abuse 4) Purple Lacey Gown reprise We done this for Halloween and the loonies down to Johnny Dees, with Eric and Me on guitars and singing, Becca playing the Ghost, and the Sheriff on the fog machine. Couple of problems: Becca caint carry no bucket, let alone the tune to go in it, so me and Eric has to sing her parts, but she was mainly for visual, specially when she drop her Purple Lacey Gown (harmonic howling). Now this ghost is supposed to get nekked, but Becca aint about to get nekked in front of a bunch a loonies, so's we has to com-pro-mise. Eric done convince her it be the Full Moon we wants and needs, and she done looked plenty hot in her purple lacey thong and purple lacey demi-bra. You just know I'd be following her anywhere! Hardest part was playing the Excited Young Man and getting back in time to join Eric on the reprise for the stunning (harmonic guitars) conclusion. The loonies practicly tore the place to pieces that night, but we all have a blast, even thou Becca's purple lacey gown caught fire (but not with her in it). Gave her the shirt off my back that night to sooth her modesty. Damn lot a good it done me.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - Cajun, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Uptight, Anxious Subject Ghosts, Sexual Fantasy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Swamp Ghost in the Purple Lacy Gown

Swamps are murky, darling
Let's go down there now
All the animals are coming out
It's nighttime
Listen to the screaming of the owls

I waiting for your darling sweet love
I'm going to know you're dressed in black
I will see you all white
Under the setting moon

The swamps are getting dim again, honey
It's nearly a month ago it was
All the animals are slyly coming out
For their once in every thirty days
And they're all murky and they're damp
And it's cold outside

(Excited Young Man)
And what are you doing in that Purple Lacy Gown
Now that we're so far down south?
And what you doing in that Purple Lacy Gown
Now we're so far down south?

I go out on the bayou in the moonlight
I will make you do things
I feel like swimming

(Ghost and EYM Dancing)

(Excited Young Man)
And could I get you out of that Purple Lacy Gown
Down south?
Send it down south
Can I get you out of that Purple Lacy Gown
Down south?
Send it down south
Send it down south
And that Purple Lacy Gown
Send it down
Send it down
Underneath the Potash tree
Down south one night

It was man abuse
Man abuse, Man abuse
Man o-live!

(Ghost drops gown)

(Harmonic Howling)

Man Abuse
That woman was a man abuser
Man Abuse
It was Man Abuse

(Excited Young Man follows naked Ghost off stage)

And that that Purple Lacy Gown
That you were wearing on night down south
That that Purple Lacy Gown
You were wearing one night down south

(Harmonic Guitars)

Lyrics Dead-Eye Dicks Music Dead-Eye Dicks
Producer Johnny Dee Publisher Cornhole Holla Music
Performance Dead-Eye Dicks, Becca, Sheriff Label Cornhole Holla Music
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