Severed Little Head (avec Ghosts)

Story Behind The Song

This be a song with real live ghosts singing with us. If you listen close, you can hear em come in when Eric get em excited.

Song Description

This song is kinda strange on account of it sound like we be underwater on account a bein recorded on an Infrared Ectoplasmic gizmo belonging to the Paranormal Club (we calls em the Pas du tout Normal club) back to Art School in Atlanta. But it done recorded some ghosts singing with us, so they was real happy and we all got plenty pissed at the party afterward. Eric got himself the hots for one of these Pas du tout Normals (PDTNs) named Heaven, and say he caint wait to enter Heaven and see what it be like. Funny thing, none of them PDTN folks has ever seen them a ghost, but Eric tell em I is a Sensitive and he is a Medium, and we can raise em up some ghosts if they can find us a Haunted House. Now practically every house in Atlanta be haunted, and Eric only be a medium in his shirt size, but we gets directed to this crumbly old house somewhere downtown them PDTNs say be ideal. Me and Eric has brings our "musical instruments" to assist us in raising the dead, and them PDTNs has enough equipment to make a god-damn movie. Weird lights and gizmos galore. Had to rent a van to move it all cross town. Soon as we gets in the house, I sees the ghosts is in residence. These be a couple of old ladies, look like sisters, and is pleased as piss to see us like they aint had no company call for some spell. While them PDTNs is setting up, these ghost ladies done invite Eric and me into the parlor, where the gets down a bottle and a couple of shot glasses for us. The glasses is dusty, but whatever is in the bottle is kickass! After a knocking back a few shots of that shit, we is practically spirits our own selves!

Song Length 2:30 Genre Folk - Cajun, Country - Cajun
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Affable, Welcoming Subject Body/Bodies, Ghosts
Language English Era 2000 and later


Eric enters Trance and say:
"I've got a Severed Little Head."

I sings:
Eric gets lots of women asking him
"Hey Buddy, how about it?"
And he sure gets a smile on his face
Just when they get next to them
That's when they start to doubt it
And Eric says
I got a Severed Little Head
It's cut right down the middle
I got a Severed Little Head
It's choking at the throat
I got me a Severed Little Head
But if you take me to bed
I'll introduce ya

Then Eric grew a beard
on his Severed Little Head
It hid some of his scars
From previous patrons
In little bars
Who would let him out
Until they had him in the back of a Volkswagen

Even with his Severed Little Head
He was still doing all right
Even with his Severed Little Head
He was eating all right
And if you took him to bed, well
What do you want to say about it
He's just got a Severed Little Head

(Musical Interlude with Ghost singers)

I feel like I got a Severed Little Head
I got a Severed Little Head

(Eric speaking in tongues, Ghosts singing in ghost)

Eric comes out of Trance and deliver message

Lyrics Dead-Eye Dicks Music Dead-Eye Dicks
Producer Paranormal Club, Atlanta Art School Publisher Paranormal Club, Atlanta Art School
Performance Dead-Eye Dicks, Lady Ghosts Label Ghost Songs
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