When She Dances

Story Behind The Song

Shortly after quitting my full time job to pursue a career of songwriting, producing and performing it struck me how incredibly I had been supported by my wife! We had 2 sons at the time and I wanted to find a way with them to express our love and appreciation to this amazing woman. One of her passions is dancing, and this song reflects a connection between her pursuit of excellence in her art as much as in her commitment to love and excellence as a wife and mother.

Song Description

A love song that comes straight from the inspiration of a love that I can't comprehend. My amazing wife!

Song Length 3:29 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Rap - Progressive
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Composed, In High Spirits
Subject Happiness, Marriage Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1

We been trippin over time
And we've been at it for years
You wrote your scribbles on my heart
With thoughts provokin the tears
It's in the good times the hard time
Experience perfects the rhymes
And I believe we're doin just fine
Right from the moment at the altar
When we said I do
Deeply committed to our vows
And we be keepin it true
I can't believe girl
You've given so much love to me
And I will strive to give my best to you


Straight up feel the flow
Know I'm never ever gonna let you go

I liked the pizz in the strings... good call.

The hook was brilliant. I was captivated almost immediately when the piano came in. It was a very bright sound that you get used to very easily and just want to hear more of.

hehe, well I dont think this is classical. I think if you stripped everything out but the piano, and made it around 1 minute long, you could get this licensed out and it would pass as classical. Rap? it sounds nice, perhaps busy at times. If you going to have a rap it would be better if the vocals were more in the front.

Nice piano tone. The pizzicato strings took me by surprise at 0:45. After this the piano melody becomes evident, or more noticeable. Nice counter melody from the accordion sounding instrument. Interesting change around the 1:35 mark - that really was unexpected bringing in an electronic drum groove and elec guitar tune. Certainly some originality in the sound combinations used here.

Lyrics Nathan Nasby Music Nathan Nasby
Producer Nathan Nasby Performance Nathan Nasby
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When She Dances

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