Field Of Dreams

Song Description

This song reflects the age old relationship conflict between a dreamer who is satisfied with a meager existence, while chasing his dream and a partner who concerned with the practicalities of life. The dreams has empty pockets and a full heart of dreams, the realist has an empty suit case and loads of ambition to fill it up. These roads sometimes converge drawing the very opposites together in passion, but as quickly as they converge they separate in opposite directions.

Song Length 3:57 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Regret, Lost Love
Similar Artists Alison Krauss Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1

Moving on is never easy
But you finally had to try
Down the road and chilly breeze is a blowing
And the wind wipes the tears from my eyes

All I had was empty pockets
You had an empty suitcase by the side of the road
You traveled trying to find a life you thought was better
I was traveling just to find where it would go


When I look back, when I look back
I see a field of dreams that burns
Am I the man who finally bends
Of the fool who never learns

Verse 2

You know when you're starting out with nothing
There's no need for a disguise
The more you gain in life the more you have to lose
I guess that's why I never tried

Looking back you need a mirror
Mine got broke 7 long years ago
Is it my time to see a change for the better
I'm not sure I'll ever know


I do love a mandolin. I could hear guitar and a mandolin and the inter-play between them was very melodic. The bass fits in subtly and overall the mix is very good. I would call this an easy listening song. I could hear the song or the instrumental being used for a tv program or advert (licensing opportunity).

Nice flow,vocal fits in well and is performed well.
Familar sounding progression but the melody is pleasant . Overall I really like this one..nice job

A pleasant song, pleasantly sung. The mandolin's line is quite original in places.

You are talented songwriter but more than that it's your production work that others need to hear to understand what is good for the music recording industry to share with the consumer. Thank you for sharing your work with me and I recommend your abilities in engineering & musicianship (craftsmanship) to others beyond this good song "Field of Dreams". Fact there is a lot of good music product in your abilities. I am honored in hearing your work. Thank you for this opportunity as I look forward to more.

Lyrics Nathan Nasby (Chameleon) Music Nathan Nasby (Chameleon)
Producer Nathan Nasby (Chameleon) Performance Nathan Nasby (Chameleon)
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