Nobody's Shorty

Song Length 3:36 Genre R & B - Funk, Pop - Rock
Subject Fight, Frustration


Verse 1
Morning, babe. I'm doing real good and you?
(giggle) Guess I'm missin' you a little, too.
Of course I like hanging out with you.
When we're doing it the way we do.

I'm listening, babe. Please say what's on your mind.
Oh! Lunch with you would be just fine. (giggle)
Hold up. Are you trying to run some kinda line?
Uh-ruh, ya might wanna try that one mo' time?!

You know I don't like it when you call me that.
You know I don't like it when you call me that.
You know I don't like it when you call me that.
I ain't nobody's Shorty.

Verse 2
Oh, so you're sorry? I just BET you are!
A dinner bribe to get inside my cookie jar.
I shoulda seen your M.O. from afar.
Now it's crystal clear like an empty jar.

Naw, naw! No need explaining what I heard.
Hush now before you have to plead the third.
You call that sweet talk? you REALLY got some nerve.
What?! Oh, I KNOW you didn't just call me THAT WORD!?!!!


Verse 3:
Listen closley...
I've always given you nothing but respect.
But find I'm always putting you back in check.
Our relationship's a trip. Are we there yet?
We flat-lined, so I'll call the time of death.

If I told ya once, I know I told ya twice.
Now I gotta say it wit' a lotta spice.
And, NO, I'm not acting all "hoity-toity".
Listen, I got a NAME! I ain't nobody's Shorty! (trailing off... I'm outta here! Holla! Boy you play too much.

Lyrics Debra Terry Music Britt Warren & Rusty Wiggs
Producer Britt Warren Publisher GASAJERAN
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