Story Behind The Song

A few weeks ago you learned about my grandaughter's death following an auto accicent. At that time I told you a song was in the works and that I would let you know when it was complete. It is now completed. Please join with me in celebrating the beautiful spirit of Eliana, my beloved granddaughter.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Blues - Country


Eliana, cease a moment from your play
In the flower laden fields neath an uncloudy day
Eliana, won't you say a prayer for me
It's your silver headed papa, soon you are to see.

Eliana, there's a blanket in a drawer
and I know the hands that made it long to hold you with such joy.
Eliana, there's still time for you and me
It's your tired and faithful nana, soon you are to see.

I know your time here was not so very long
But the essence you left with us will always be strong.
Until the veil is lifted, we'll be wishing we were there
To see the light dancing off your golden hair.

Eliana, there's not one day that goes by
That I don't feel your sweet, sweet spirit way down deep in mine.
Eliana, won't you send some strength to me,
I'm your strong but fragile daddy, soon you are to see.

Eliana, your name's a precious charm
And I knew that God responded when I held you in my arms.
Eliana, I was the heart beat next to yours
And everytime it beat mama's heart became yours.

In this unsure world, one sure thing remains
All the eyes that seen you were forever changed.
You'll always have our love, and a song that bares your name.
It'll help us make it through, 'til sometime like you we're changed.

Lyrics Britt Warren Music Britt Warren
Producer Britt Warren Publisher GASAJERAN Music
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