Find Your Way

Story Behind The Song

This is a song I composed about finding our way back to the path that we should be on. It is very easy to lose track and focus and stray away from where we should be. But it's never to late to find your way back.

Song Description

This is moving song with minimal instrumentation. It composed with a piano lead that is accompanied with light string and brass in the background.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Classical - Romantic, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Passive, Moving Subject Change, Life

This instrumental track exudes sweetness, peace, tranquility. A pleasant listen, it should be marketable for anyone looking for some nice piano background music. Played with feeling and nice key-attack, this pianist knows how to evoke emotion in his/her playing.

That piano sounds amazing -- it has so much depth and expression that I could sit back and listen to somebody play it all day. The song itself is very relaxing and even a bit romantic in my opinion. This would be something to play while enjoying a romantic dinner with a girlfriend or even when I just need to relax after a busy day. I loved it, and please let me know when you produce something else like this!

Lovely chord opening, lots of sevenths, nicely constructed with hand fulls of lovely music. I like this piece a lot, its music to meditate to, it lets you open your mind to where ever you want to go. Theres a good musical mind behind this piece and a great deal of talent. Excellent work!

Very pleasing new-agey piano piece in the style of Richard Clayderman. Evokes meditative and slightly sad feel, like a farewell or regret. Has a beautiful rhythm. Has a nice second entry at 2:21. I thought it was over already after a super cute and peaceful ending with an ascending arpeggio, but it started up again. Has a strange ending in a different key; makes the listener listen up.

I love the feel of this piece of music. Nice chord changes - exciting and vivid.

Will definitely listen to more of your music. Thanks for sharing.

great work on the keys, nice chord progression for this mellow, pensive piano driven piece.

Music Brenda Craven Producer Brenda Craven
Publisher Brenda Craven Performance Brenda Craven
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