Song of Peace

Story Behind The Song

A song and a prayer for peace, and that love will prevail "in a world that's torn apart"

Song Description

"Song of Peace" is a song and a prayer for peace in the world. While most of us have little to no direct influence on those who wage war, singing and praying is within our grasp as members of the worldwide community.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Peaceful Subject Peace, Hope
Similar Artists Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz Language English
Era 2000 and later


Song of Peace
┬ęGreg Lambert 2009

This is a song of peace
And a prayer for war to end
Simple notes of love
You can sing again and again

This is a song of hope
That the winds of change will shift
Simple notes of hope
That the fog of war will lift
That the fog will lift


Sing for peace
Hope for change
Pray that love will prevail
In our day

This is a song of love
And a poem for the pure of heart
Simple notes of love
For a world that's torn apart
Torn apart


This is my song for life
From the moment life begins
Simple notes of love
I will sing again and again
And again


good story and nice voice and nice build

I'm a big fan of the message this song portrays. It sounds like something you could possibly hear on a commercial. I chose the World genre as Folk was not an option. To me it sounded more Folk than Pop but it had undertones of World music too. All in all great job!

I like the concept behind this song. Great lyrics and a interesting melody which sticks in your head. I like the mix of instruments which is simple but effective. I like the build up at the beginning. The harmonies in the chorus work well. The singer has a great quality to his voice.

Beautifully written and performed. Music is balanced perfectly with the vocals...which by the way are absolutely beautiful. Strong message!

I really like the conveying message!! The fog will lift!! Nice orchestrations!!! Great song!

very nice song with meaningful lyrics. excellent mix and the vocals are very well done. The arrangement strongly supplements the melody and lyrics. Great cohesive vibe throughout. Very good song and recording.

This piece has a lovely message,inspiring lyrics and a great vocalist. This is a song of hope, This is a wonderful song

You song concept is great with "Song of Peace" which has a wonderful way to relay your message of peace. This is such an awesome production of instrumentation. The production matches the feel with great arrangements which complement the "song of peace". As a songwriter this is the right way for us all to dress any original song and it was a pleasure for me to review. I left you certain points to review yourself regarding some technical points. Hope to hear more productions like this for your songs in the future. Bravo!

Love the message.

Beautiful instrumentation and excellent production. Great piano playing and back up strings. One thing that might help this song would be kids singing background vocals. Your song has a great message that needs to be heard.

Great arrangement and instrumentation. Like the natural vocals feel.

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Song Of Peace

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