Song Length 3:58 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


©2018 Greg Lambert

Lately I haven't been good company
All my troubles got the best of me
Squaring off, like in a firing line

I wish it could be another way
Face my fears and drive them all away
Then get on with this life of mine
It might be hard, but I won't stop tryin'


If I could take the toughest pain
Knock it back and start a chain
Maybe change this life I've come to know

Push against the closest one
Watch em fall till they're all gone
One by one, collapsing in a row
Just like dominoes

Sometimes in the dark of night I see
The enemy right in front of me
Standing there, daring me to fight

The first step always is the hardest one
I know I can get it done
Confront my past and make things right
Hurt by hurt, right down the line



Fight my fears and stand my ground
Like a row of dominoes, they'll come tumbling down



Nice song ! Reminds me of Patty Loveless and Teri Clark 90's country radio. A couple of things I would have done differently - I would have shortened the solo or not had one. All it does is lengthen the song. If you're writing this as a demo, it really doesn't help you , because the producer/publisher is not interested in hearing a solo. If you needed a musical break, I would have done a short turnaround. The other thing is, I don't think you set the title up . I would have put some images in there . You talk about fear , pain and troubles , but you don't give a specific example of any of that. The rhymes are cool, and the vibe is great, but the listener doesn't get a clear understanding of what you're singing about. At least I didnt.Maybe something about bills , raising kids, broken hearts, etc. The listener doesn't get the benefit of reading your lyrics, it needs to be clear in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Or even if you would have used fear, pain and troubles either in the chorus or right before the chorus, those could have been imagined as the dominoes. Cool title, I just think you could have set it up better. Overall, I like the song a lot. I'm just shooting straight with you. As I know you would do for me !

This is a fantastic track. I love the instrumentation, quality of the performances, the mix, the vocals. The writing is excellent as well. This is a keeper and you should do well with this song. It reminds me of something that Jackson Browne would have written back in the day.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Publisher Famous Faces Music
Performance Bailey Rose, Vocals Label Sunday Best Records
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