Played guitar and sang in groups and bands throughout the 60's - 80's. Took to songwriting in the 90's when my career meant playing gigs was no longer possible. Now retired, I write and record at home, mainly Americana/Country Rock but I try to go wherever inspiration takes me. I enjoy collaborating online. Partners include Emma Jane from Scotland who provided an amazing vocal to Love Is In The Things I Do. Julia Schmidt from New Jersey, we shared numerous songs and made the BJ Country charts for about 2 years with We Can Be Lovers Again. Fellow BJammer, Junior Murrell, invited me to provide a vocal for his song and CC Lamondt and I pooled resources. Quite recently collaborated with Susan Odella on her wonderful song Falling Away.

Really pleased to say that health issues in the last year with lesions on my vocal cords seem to have been resolved.  After 4 operations/biopsies my vocal cords are now clear and my voice (which had been very badly affected) is getting stronger

Latest News

Finally dropped out of BJ Earth after 2 weeks at #1 with The Drawing Room - very pleased to have been there for so long.

Back To A Younger Me has been well received, a relief considering it's my first vocal since having treatment for lesions on my vocal cords.  Nonetheless, the original still had some gruffness so I have re-recorded parts and uploaded a revised version, hopefully a significant improvement.


Family & Interests

Family & Interests

I have a lovely wife and a close family.  We all ive in the South Of England

When I'm not playing or writing music, I'm a keen golfer and enjoy video, computers and gadgets in general.

Musical Background

Musical Background

I have no formal guitar or keyboard training and play by ear.  I have been a guitar player and lead or second vocalist since the age of 13, performing in various bands and groups in a variety of styles from Pop, to Heavy Rock, to Folk & Modern Country.  I have also been a solo folk performer and, most recently, performed my own songs to theatre audiences of up to 850 in the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth.  
My guitar playing has been influenced by a variety of artistes and styles including Mark Knopfler, The Eagles, Don Williams, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Deep Purple and Santana.  This has helped me to perform and write in different genres but I particularly enjoy modern country music.  I play keyboard well enough to provide piano accompaniment and additional instrumentation to my recordings and I sing all the lead parts and most harmonies.

I record at home on PC using Cakewalk software and good quality equipment including a Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard, Fender Strat, Behringer amp, Peavey mic etc.

I was in a band which was "discovered" by Decca Records in the mid 60's whilst recording at the famous Regent Sound Studios in Denmark Street, London - and had the thrill of playing a guitar which belonged to the Stones during the recording session. Unfortunately, a disastrous live audition put an end to that particular venture! A link to a blog with photos and music is on my website.



Started writing songs in a group but my interest really got going when I was no longer able to play in a group because of evening work commitments.  My first serious breakthrough came when Joe Brown took two of my songs on his Nashville session.  

UK Songwriting Contest - October 2012 to 2021
The contest is open to signed and unsigned artistes worldwide with a typical field of 9000+. In the region of 30 entries over the years resulting in 1 Final Place, many semi-final certificates and a smaller number of commendations.   

BBC Radio Appearances
Several songs have featured on Internet Radio Stations including The Flash fm and UK Country Radio.  Was featured on BBC Radio Solent in January 2013 when the results of the UK Songwriting Contest were discussed and Acceptance was played on air.  Featured on the Richard Cartridge Show on BBC Radio Solent on Christmas Day 2011 when Christmas Thoughts was played and I was interviewed live on air.

Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth
Performed solo and in a duet to audiences ranging from 450 to 850 at Bournemouth Pavilion every Christmas for 10 years.  Christmas Thoughts was a particular hit in 2011, selling out my CD stock. Was asked to perform again in 2014 so wrote Dance Hall Of dreams for the concert.  It really appealed to people of a certain age and brought the house down!  A CD sell out again.

Online Presence
My music is on several music networking sites including, Reverbnation but most especially Broadjam. Have had tracks in many different charts on including several chart #1s. Emma Jane (Scotland) and Julia Schmidt (New Jersey, USA) have both sung the vocals on my songs.  Emma sang Love Is In The Things I Do (formerly Acceptance) and Julia and I performed a transatlantic duet of We Can Be Lovers Again, never meeting or speaking to each other during the process.  I have since helped with arrangements of new songs and covers for several BJ artists, especially Julia Schmidt.
A very enjoyable collaboration with Susan Odella, producing Falling Away which was almost all Susan's content with help from me for the bridge.


Military and Theatre Management Careers

A successful military career from joining as a boy soldier to retiring in 1987.  My second career started at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) in April 1991, before becoming manager of the Pavilion Theatre in 1992.  Retired in the Summer of 2011.

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Hi Bob , you got me this time ! Thanks for the great review of Wherever You're Hiding .
I converted this to country from it's original state , which has a different lyric to the one you weren't sure about . It's on my page if you fancy a listen .

4 Replies
Bob Bentley
1 week ago

Hi Phil,
It's a very infectious song, the chorus is a real ear-worm that is difficult to forget. I like the original version too, the arrangement is adventurous and must have taken some time to piece together?
I do like you voice, it's unique and your range is very impressive. You have a fan sir!
Good luck,

Cheers Bob , just wish it was me singing , I just wrote it . I share the vocals with my partner in crime , a blind singer called Tony Frost .Usually , anything that involves reaching high notes , Tony sings !

Bob Bentley
1 week ago

Well, all I can say is Tony has a wonderful voice!

Yes , he's a great asset , as well as a very good friend .

John Walradt
2 weeks ago to Bob Bentley

I love "Back to a Younger Me" and "The Drawing Room" and I play both every day. Thank you for dropping by and giving the stars to "Sunny Sunday." It's wonderful to see your name beside the stars! John

1 Replies
Bob Bentley
2 weeks ago

It's a song that really evokes summertime. It has a wonderful feel and deserves accolades.

Bob Bentley
2 weeks ago to Bob Bentley

Thank you so much to all who gave 5 stars to both The Drawing Room and Back To A Younger Me, all the support has been very humbling. I will try and respond to each person but if I miss you out, or thank you twice (!), my apologies.
BJ Earth has finally realised my time is up in the chart - but what a run I've had. Here's to the next one...............

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